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I love playing with my kids. With all the screens turned off, maybe a little kids music playing in the background, getting down on the floor and using our imaginations. We dream up stories of dragons and knights, and how they saved the day. Or about two brothers (my boys) who went on a fantastic adventure through a magical forest. I love how colorful and unclouded Ben’s imagination is. We’ve been making up stories for a few years now, and I hope that doesn’t end anytime soon. But at 5 years old, and video games taking up most of his waking thoughts, it’s hard to bring that imagination back to life sometimes.

That’s where William comes in. He’s so young, only 10 months old. He’s just now learning how to play with toys, and has only a few very favorite ones. As soon as he started actively playing with a toy that used to belong to Ben, his older brother perks up. He’ll jump down on the floor and start playing right along side William. He’ll start making up stories and acting them out with the toys, and William loves every second of it. It’s beneficial for both of them! For Ben, it pulls him away from the screen world he’s living in and gives him a chance to blow the dust off his own imagination, and for William in helps him develop his world of play. They’re creating a bond that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

When we go to our local department stores, a trip to the toy section is a must, and now that William is walking, they’re both activly checking out all the new Holiday toys on display. We noticed that their was one they both would run to. It’s a bigger box, so it was always placed within their reach. The Weebles Musical Treehouse.

So when I was given the opportunity to review it for our Holiday Gift Guide I was thrilled. I knew both my kids would love seeing this toy come to our door! When it arrived, Ben was at school. So I put it together (quite easily) and let William have a go at it all on his own. He’s still slightly too young to really appreciate all the features of the Treehouse, but he certainly does love the Weebles toys themselves. They’re the perfect size for his little hands, and mouth. He loves to gum them  When Ben got home he had a huge grin! He dropped down on the floor and started playing with it right away. Taking the Weebles characters up the ladder/escalator and then down the slide. Making up stories (or as he called them, missions) as he went along. I did go out and get a package of two more Weebles for them to use, mainly because Ben doesn’t like the slime that William tends to leave behind. All in all I think that The Weebles Musical Treehouse will make an awesome gift this holiday season. Geared for kids aged 18 months and up, both my 10 month old and my 5 year old have enjoyed hours of play time with it! Wanna know what’s really funny? They both still run to it in the department stores. Even though they now have it at home.

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We’re giving away a Playskool Musical Treehouse to one lucky A Busy Mommy reader!  To enter just leave me a comment below telling me how you encourage your kids to use their imagination.

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Disclaimer: I received the Playskool Musical Treehouse at no charge to help facilitate the post. All opinions are a compilation of my families experiences with the products. Individual results may vary.